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Milan Signature is a premium service available to parents and singles who are looking for a modern and confidential approach to finding a life partner. By working with your Personal Relationship Manager, Milan Signature will provide you with custom personalized introductions based on your preferences. Milan Signature is available for singles who live in the US. Parents can register from anywhere in the world as long as their singles live in the US.

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As someone who has spent a while looking to meet that significant other, I have found BanyanWay a unique and very helpful service. Its key strength is the personal touch, something absolutely no other comparable service has provided. Anu spent a very long time getting to know me and understanding what I was seeking in a partner. She was also willing to investigate factors that could affect the progression of a relationship, such as locations, work pressures, immigration situations, and so forth. When matching people, Anu has also taken the time to explain the other individual’s requirements and any specific pressures they might face, ensuring that both of us start with a clear idea of where we would like to go and addressing any issues along the way. I am deeply grateful for her insightful and caring approach to what can at times be a sensitive AND frustrating process.

—Arun, Colorado


BanyanWay’s Milan signature is a very unique matchmaking plan. The profile of the prospective bride or groom is created by interviewing parents and the children separately, so all of them are on the same page. The Signature service provides your own representative who plays a moderator role between the boy and the girl and keeps the parent out of the process. We found that very useful and essential in match making for our daughter.

—Usha, New Jersey

I'd highly recommend BanyanWay for anyone looking for a relationship within the Indian Community. Anu does not just view her job as getting clients, but puts her heart and soul into setting her clients up for success. Specifically, she gives feedback on how to optimize a clients profile for increased success (advice on taking pictures, writeups of profiles, etc). She puts a lot of thought into which profiles she suggests after discussing with the client. She does not simply just forward profiles. After she finds a match, she'll give recommendations for first dates, so both sides can put their best foot forward and have a fantastic time!  I'm currently seeing one of her recommendations. BanyanWay has been an outstanding experience, and I could not recommend it more highly!

—Ram, Massachusetts


For Indian Americans looking for a suitable match for their son or daughter, Banyanway is a great platform. Anu Ganesh and the team at Banyanway took the time and effort to personally speak to our daughter to fully understand her preferences towards finding an ideal match. Anu was consistent in her communication with us and kept us updated through the process. She was patient and understanding and did not pressurize us on any of our decision making. We felt comfortable in our rapport with her. We recommend Banyanway's services to anyone interested in personalized alliance search for their son or daughter.

—Parent, North Carolina


“My experience with BanyanWay has been outstanding, and I would highly recommend BanyanWay for people who are looking for a life partner within the Indian Community in the US. When I first talked to Anu, I had my own fears and questions about BanyanWay, but Anu put me at ease in the first few minutes of our first phone call. Anu is one of the most compassionate people that I have met. She puts her heart and soul into making sure she shares the appropriate profiles with her clients after talking to both the boy and the girl. Once the profiles are shared, she gives appropriate recommendations from time to time and a gentle nudge that will help you to give your best in the relationship. We need more people like Anu to help people find their soulmates. I found my Prince Charming through BanyanWay and has been an outstanding experience and journey throughout.”

—Gayathri, New Jersey


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We serve Indian parents who have singles of living in the US, and we serve Indian singles living in the US. We DO NOT provide services to anyone under the age of 21.

We believe in quality over quantity. To support this goal, we provide carefully selected profiles based on your single's preferences. Your Relationship Manager will then collect feedback from you on what you liked and did not like about the profile to present more relevant matches.

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